≪For lunch ♪ ≫ "Mini course lunch" 1750 yen (tax included)

≪For lunch ♪ ≫ "Mini course lunch" 1750 yen (tax included)

By using a coupon1750 yen(Tax included)

The number of dishes
Maximum number of people

The daily lunch pasta is now half size, and it is a course with a main dish (choice of fish or meat).*The menu is until 8/12.

Course menu

● Select 4 types of pasta from the following.(half size)

1. Tuna and olive oil sauce spaghetti

2. Salsiccia and make-in tomato sauce Penne

3. Cream sauce spaghetti of white fish and spinach

4. Spaghetti Pescatore

● Recommended two main dishes of fish or meat dishes

Fish dish: Sauteed fresh fish with paprika sauce today

Meat dish: domestic chicken diabora

● Salad, soup, focaccia

* Salad buffet (hot appetizer, soup, salad)

* The salad buffet will be closed for the time being.

● Coffee or tea

Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday

2020/08/06 update